Friday, September 21, 2018

The Solstice Steps

I’ll keep this post short because, as you’ve heard, one picture is worth a thousand words. These photos depict a pleasant activity that doesn’t cost a thing: watching the sunset from the Solstice Steps in Lakewood Park at Belle and Lake avenues.

The steps opened about three years ago, but I made my first trip last week at the suggestion of my friend Maureen. Moe, who lives about 25 miles away, had already been there. I live less than 5 miles away and don’t know why I didn’t go before this.

Your experience will vary, depending on the weather, time of year and number of people there. The evening we went was cloudy, but Moe and I liked the effect of the white clouds against the sunset’s light orange and finally brilliant orange colors. We each had brought a light jacket and we needed them on this mid-September evening, when the sun set at 7:44 p.m.

There is a big celebration at the park each year on the summer solstice with food and entertainment; keep that in mind for next June. But you can visit the park and the steps all year. It’s always cooler by the lake – sometimes extremely cold – so dress accordingly.

Presumably, you could watch the sunrise from the steps as well. I’m rarely awake at sunrise, but I’d love to see your photos if you go then.

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