Friday, October 19, 2018

How-To Festival

I am not a crafter. In fact, I practically have a crafting phobia. Still, news of this free event Saturday afternoon at Westlake Porter Public Library caught my attention.

The library is the site of the How-To Festival, which will offer lessons in skills including smoothie making, origami, composting, 3D printing, making pop-up books, even panning for gold. I know how to make smoothies, but the rest of the list is foreign territory for me.

The event goes from 2 to 4 p.m., which doesn’t seem like enough time to learn all those things. So I think either you’ll have to choose among them or you’ll just watch other people making and doing. I don’t know about the panning for gold, though. How will that work?

You don’t have to live in Westlake or be a library cardholder to attend, but you can sign up for a card while you’re there. I recommend doing this. Some upcoming CLE on the Cheap posts will explain why.

Saturday morning from 9:30 to 11, the library is having a free shredding event so you can safely dispose of documents you don’t need anymore. Keeping unnecessary documents – now that is something I know how to do.

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