Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Farmers Markets

I just discovered that it's National Farmers Market Week. I'm a big fan of farmers markets. The fruits and vegetables taste so much better than what you get in the grocery store. Granted, the prices sometimes are higher, but the produce also lasts much longer than supermarket produce, so you're not throwing food away.

Many farmers markets, including several in Northeast Ohio, accept EBT cards, which SNAP recipients use to buy food. EBT cards have replaced food stamps. Some farmers markets also participate in the Produce Perks program for EBT cardholders. For every dollar you spend on produce at the market you get $1 in tokens, up to $20. That's a great incentive to eat more healthfully.

I also like talking to the people who.grow the fruits and vegetables I'm buying. They can tell you when those fruits and vegetables were picked, which often is the same day, and offer cooking suggestions.

Farmers markets are more than produce, though. They might sell bread and baked goods and even some non-food items. Here in Cleveland, more than one farmers market sells pierogies that you can eat there or take home.

The list at the link will show you where and when farmers markets are held in Cleveland and surrounding areas. I'm partial to the Tremont Farmers Market on Tuesdays and the Kamm's Corners Farmers Market on Sundays, but there are many more I haven't tried yet.

Besides the food and other items, many, if not all, farmers markets in this area have musical entertainment. You can sit and listen to the performers or just enjoy the music in the background while you shop. Another bonus: Almost every farmers market I've visited has included dogs among the shoppers, all of them very good boys and girls.

National Farmers Market Week runs through Friday.

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  1. I LOVE farmer's market season!! no idea it was farmer's market week but i'm in :)


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