Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Happy Birthday to Us

One year ago today, CLE on the Cheap debuted with this post about the Baseball Heritage Museum at League Park. It seemed fitting to lead off with a baseball-oriented post.

Since then, the blog has informed readers about numerous free and low-cost ways to have fun in Northeast Ohio. It has published 90 posts about local places and events accessible to those on a budget. The blog also has added a Facebook page that is approaching 100 followers.

As we start our second year, I'm planning to look for new places and events to cover and revisit some that are worth repeating. As always, your suggestions for posts are welcome.

Thank you to my sister Patty for helping me get this blog started. I've learned how to handle the technical stuff myself in the past year, but I wouldn't have started it without Patty.

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented on and shared CLE on the Cheap posts and joined the Facebook page. I'm so grateful for your support.

Look for posts here and on Facebook most Tuesdays and Fridays. It's my intent to post on those days every week, but occasionally life gets in the way. I'll try my best to stick to that schedule from now on.

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